Retaliation from Humanity’s Future

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The Future Retaliation begins as a single chapter, “The Beginning Ends”. The metaphor behind this story assumes opposition to the war on War is based on ignorance and fear, so it offers something to fear, too, something no one can ignore – even if it is fiction.

The premise of The Future Retaliation is that the future generations inherit two wildly opposite circumstances from us:

first: our mess, our mistakes, our catastrophe, decades knowing that unborn people will pay more of the price for our choices and actions than we do

second: technology as advanced and magical to us as the internet would be for anyone alive before 1900

When you put those two together, the story practically writes itself – or at least that’s how it happened for me. And once it hits you, you don’t forget.

The future generations use their technology to reach back in time and give every person the afterlife they deserve. The people who fight for them in the war on War get the afterlife they believe in: heaven, nirvana, oneness – whatever. But their adversary doesn’t even get the hell they believe in: they get a place of never-ending war, an endless afterlife of infinite deaths. And we get a metaphor to show how creativity is more powerful than violence and destruction, with opportunity for infinite interpretation. The gamble here is the more people who think about the fiction of war on War, the more people support the nonfiction, too. I mean, who would bet against this?

The people destroying the future conveniently justify their beliefs with stories from the past. But who actually judges what we do? Even if it weren’t a matter of reality, the people suffering our consequences are the ones to judge us, not the dead. And the reason this story resonates is its justice as much as its poetry, as future generations decide the ‘final judgment’.

To buy into The Future Retaliation shows that you are their ally, that you stand in defense of future generations, to help this story grow and reach more people. You can ensure this idea is protected from religious exploitation and support me as I get all this insanity together.

The alternative to retaliation is the ‘proof of a loving world’ where donations are an expression of love and support for me and the war on War. From one extreme to the other, your choice helps determine the next stage of this story:

If people volunteer and donate to be the proof of a loving world, we can build Interepublic and Democorporation. I will know the value of all my hard work and loneliness, maybe be able to find happiness.

If people buy into the Future’s Retaliation, I can pay others to build Interepublic and Democorporation. I will have an outlet to my fury by creating its stories, and maybe find peace in the end.

So on one side, we bring together the alliance of love, unity & knowledge, on the other, we confront the hate, greed and ignorance with a story whose creativity is more powerful than any violence or destruction. The world will decide what happens next, I’m shifting responsibility. By comparing how much money each drive makes, you decide how the war on War begins.

And if there is no support, I have proof it is not my problem at all…and the world deserves itself.

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