Liberation of knowledge

The ‘liberation of knowledge’ would not be an issue if people could be expected to understand it. But to know what it means you have to understand why you never learned about it. You see the problem?

The best explanation how it works is to see it working. The Democorporation organizes the world’s experts, our universities, research and education into a response appropriate to our world’s threats. If this is a war for future survival, this is the military.

The current approach to our world’s mounting problems is incoherent and incompetent. The struggle for change should have the same urgent cooperation and sense of survival we devote to killing each other for politics. The worst ignorance is to ignore so many threats to our future, our well being, our survival. Best to learn how our experts, knowledge, and research can be formed into a single force to protect us, right?

The goal of the liberation of knowledge is to free institutions of research and education, free from the divisiveness of politics, free from exploitation by the rich. Politicians control the law and funding. The process to liberate knowledge requires new laws, and their own funding, the debt society owes them for everything we have, for civilization itself.

This process will be fought and repeated in countries across the world. The ones with the most developed knowledge are most likely places where people are free to organize and support this goal online. The internet is a place outside boundaries, where knowledge can be free to anyone. If we can develop a way for the internet to harness what you know, we can also overcome the most dangerous problem for any organization: its own corruption. A free, open, worldwide organization can use the internet to keep an eye on what’s happening with money and decision making, and at least hope to embody the best of humanity. And if that can’t change the world, what will?

At first it may not be easy to understand the liberation of knowledge, but really, you only need to understand why you don’t. The liberation of knowledge means independence from politicians and freedom from control by the rich. And who controls the information in your education, the media that form your perspective? These are the people who made education into job training, who would put you in debt just to learn how to serve them. Why would they ever teach you about the liberation of knowledge? A child could see that politics and economics are just two of many subjects of knowledge. How is it so hard for an adult to see a subject of knowledge can’t be its ruler?

Economics and politics are games of the rich and powerful, whose rules they designed to control and exploit you. And the worst threats to the world are caused by these people, as the ones entrusted with power and resources to solve them. But they are the last to suffer the consequences for their mistakes when they don’t know what to do. They just rely on the people who know how to fix it, the experts…and we have more of them every day.

Knowledge needs to be shared, that’s its nature, it’s how it grows. As the legacy of all humanity, it is something we are all entitled to. Not a thought today doesn’t draw upon many thoughts and endless work from before. And unlike land, products, and money, limited resources, knowledge grows more valuable the more people who share it – adding more and more knowledge as they go. With the internet it is an ever more valuable, organic resource – with its own risks and rewards.

The issue here is an easy choice facing impossible odds: how to protect our world. Knowledge has been shared so much (and with the wrong people) that our best hope, technology, is fast becoming our worst problem, the nightmare that threatens our future. Who can ignore the coming chaos when our well-being, the stability of civilization, humanity’s survival, are all at risk? The problems are mounting so quickly there is no reason to think we are aware of every threat. So the question is not whether we can organize world knowledge, it’s whether people understand why we have to.

Humanity is not designed to confront its own most dangerous threat, ourselves, and that is our most impossible problem. Ignorance and environmental collapse, greed and economic corruption, hate and weapons of annihilation, there is no politics nor economics that can overcome this knot of catastrophes. Our upside down world encourages the most greedy elements of society, it accepts the most hateful and violent as a fact of life, and it encourages people to ignore that this unbelievable nightmare we face is like nothing before.

Humanity needs an independent, global organization of knowledge as much as we need something, anything to unite us. Knowledge is the legacy of past generations, built as a promise of love to the future, so they inherit a more beautiful world. From all parts of the globe, knowledge is woven into the fabric that unites humanity. With the internet, we have everything we need to hold the forum, the debate, the record of the war on War. To undo the corruption of knowledge that makes it our worst threat, to turn the tide of history, all we need is the knowledge how to organize knowledge. How ironic, how petty, how stupid an obstacle is that?

Knowledge is not a matter of politics because it can’t be decided by dictator nor democracy, we cannot command reality any more than we can override the veto of physics. But we design our world, and we made it a joke, an elaborate game to ignore what’s inconvenient to us. How long will that last? People play along because politicians tell them what they want to hear – so they will never ask their people to sacrifice. This is a world of mutual exploitation, not cooperation. This is a world for war.

Only knowledge solves these problems at the same time it brings humanity together to do it. No government can unite humanity, nor will any corporation solve the world’s problems to put themselves out of business. With the internet, all the greed and hate in the world can’t hide that fact.

The internet is a world created by knowledge and information, no coincidence it is home for the liberation of knowledge – it’s the place people come together to share it. So it will be where we work together to liberate it. If a social network can harness our experts in an online democracy, we can take advantage of millions, billions of people like a world computer. Not just a symbol of human knowledge, unity and love, but a device to reflect the best of humanity across the world.

To succeed this must be a historically climactic. A social movement spanning the planet, extending to every face of culture, the arts, entertainment, economics, politics, the war on War as an illustration of the depth of humanity. The only place that’s possible is online, because this struggle is beyond politics, it is societal, and everyone must make its choice.

Anyone opposed to the liberation of knowledge is opposed to your freedom as much as their own. To be free politically, economically, truly, imagine what knowledge might offer us in the future. The ‘free home’ is a place where you have everything you need. A window like a magic printer to produce anything, food, clothes, medicine, merchandise; a doorway to travel anywhere, a device to see anything, all powered by a source of endless energy. Total freedom, true independence – and the worst kind of nightmare imaginable to the exploiting class.

The point of this idea is not to ask if this is possible, but to show who would get in the way. There will always be ignorant people as there will always be greedy and hateful people to take advantage of them, to corrupt society, to make violence and war. But what we need to figure out is what it says about the rest of us…why aren’t we uniting to stop them?

Are you too few or too afraid?