The Interepublic is the online republic, a network of social networks whose goal is to represent human unity and support for the war on War. It works with Democorporation, an organization of the world’s experts, to offer the best of the what inspires them: society & knowledge, government & enterprise. They avoid the flaws of either and take the benefits of both: government is forced to accept people who hope it fails, Interepublic is for members and users only; corporations struggle in mass-mutual exploitation of all things, people, the world, Democorporation exists to put an end to that.

To confront the exploiting class, not only does Interepublic organize their opponents, profits are invested in Democorporation, the fund to liberate knowledge and free our experts to help us prevent ruin and disaster today and in the future. The Interepublic is a republic because its profit is your profit: it funds the war on War.

As a republic can have many states, Interepublic will be multiple networks. But it cannot exist without two fundamental protocols: a public network to confirm you are you, and an encrypted network to protect the anonymous. Between those two extremes, it is up to you how to participate. You decide how your information is used to support the war on War, as any citizen or shareholder does: by voting.

Since there are several ways to participate in Interepublic, there are several ways to vote. Taken by group, elections are designed so different interests are calculated accordingly, by donor and volunteer (to keep hold of our ideals), employee and investor (who ensure we fulfill our goals), anonymous or public (who decide how their information is used). If their checks and balances work accordingly, the policy and leadership of the war on War will be formed by the most practical compromise between hope and reality, protecting it from extremism and corruption, and leaving little excuse for anyone not to participate. Interepublic makes it as easy as surfing the internet to help the war on War, potentially massive resources now being invested in hate, anger and division can be redirected in a future safe from them.

Beyond the potential for billions, trillions of dollars, the most powerful leverage of Interepublic is peer pressure like the world has never seen. By organizing everyone who tries to stop what’s going wrong, the world will know the people who did not, who’s accountable for what disasters lie ahead. The people most responsible for the world’s misery are the least like to suffer from it because they have enough idiots to support their own exploiters. The Interepublic is the best way to prevent that, recording everyone who tried to save the future, when, and how, so the future will also be able to tell everyone who did not…just by how they used the internet.

With Interepublic to bring supporters for this political movement to reform society, Democorporation offers what no other revolution had before: the means and resources to overcome the politicians and the rich. Together they make war on War, but only you can declare it.