To understand the liberation of knowledge, it’s best to just demonstrate how it works. When we organize the world’s experts, our universities, research and education, into something appropriate for what’s wrong in the world, we create Democorporation, the commonwealth of knowledge, the people’s company – and the closest thing to a military in the war on War.

Building Interepublic is the first project for Democorporation because a social network offers the perfect opportunity for experts and the public to work together. The war on War is a democratic movement, and the Interepublic’s primary role is a safe and secure network for them to vote. The first issues they face concerns building the social network that generates income for the liberation of knowledge.

Will some people cooperate fully, to help the experts design algorithms? How do we compromise between protecting personal information and offering advertising unmatched by private enterprise? And how do we ensure the profits are invested to build a future everyone wants?

Democorporation is our weapon against the endless exploitation of everyone and everything. Democorporation relies on democratic representation for consumers, experts, investors who share the same goal for the future. The exploiting class rely on division and conflict, they have no vision or goal for the future that doesn’t reinforce the problems today. Democoporation unites their opposition as the economic front of war on War. Their struggle is to ensure knowledge is used to build a future we want: a place where everyone is free from the exploiting class, the people holding the whole world hostage by their control of knowledge and resources.

Democorporation fights for economic freedom as Interepublic fights for political freedom, and they come together as the war on War, the fight for real, true, actual freedom.